Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom's Day

This is my great grandmother Edith Soule. I have great memories of her, she lived to be 97 and died when I was in my teens. I am so lucky to have known her well. My favorite memories of her are spending time with her at our cabin in Island Park, and also her home in St. Anthony, ID. She would always tell stories her childhood, and she taught me to play solitaire, which I love to this day. I love you and miss you Grandma Soule.

This is my grandmother, Beverley Birch, one of my best friends. She has always opened her arms and her heart to me, and I am so very grateful for that. I have also learned much from her, including my more recent crafty side of sewing and knitting. I can talk to her about anything, and feel completely comfortable. I love you grandma.

Last, my beautiful mother, Shelley. I cannot express the amount of love I have for this woman. We are so much alike, people even say we look and talk alike, which I take as a compliment. She is always so concerned about others, including me. She has supported me through the roughest of times. I only hope that one day I can be as good of a mother to my children as she was and still is to me. Love you mom.