Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More stuff I've made.

Ok here are some of the latest creations. First, the cabled purse. Chunky yarn, lined with a cute, bright fabric, weaved with a ribbon, and bamboo handles.

Next, the shrugs. First, the baby shrug. Not a great picture, but Perry loves it :). Second, the adult one. I've made one for myself, and plan to make more for myself in different colors. This can be worn over anything and adds that little bit of flare. (Thanks to Teresa for modeling)

Next, we have baby/toddler hats. Brothers Vince and Rorke model the brimmed striped beanie. Sweet Perry models the vintage hat with flowers and the plain old lace-ish baby beanie. You gotta keep those little heads warm!!

Adult hats!! First is the earflap hat with pom pom. I LOVE THIS HAT. I wore it snowboarding several times this year. It's cute, you can add any design to it, and it's WARM!!! Next the slouchy cabled beanie. My personal favorite for style (as you can see, I'm wearing it in two pictures). I also plan on making one in every color for myself. Last, the leafy slouchy beanie. You can't see the detail too well on this green hat, but it's gorgeous. It's just what it says it is.... leaves. I love this one too. Not too slouchy, just the perfect amount.

Stuffed thingys. First, Penelope monster holding a heart. I got this request from my friend Mariah to give her son for Valentines day. I just took off the bow (to make Penelope a boy) and knit a heart for him to hold. In the bottom right corner we have a family of Penelopes. One boy and two girls. In the middle is Melvin the monster. He's pretty big and the newest of the monsters I've made. He's also Penelope's cousin. Bottom left - I made a bunny nugget, a little lamb, and a chunky chick for Perry for Easter. Cute little gifts. And finally at the top right is the elephant, also for Perry.

This is the football baby ... aka Max. I got this request from my cousins wife, as my cousin is the biggest football fan EVER. I made a football beanie and a newborn football swaddle sac. If I don't say so myself, he looks pretty darn adorable.

And lastly, golf club covers. I couldn't think of anything to knit a dude for a gift, and then I came across these! The boys loved them.